How to sell your equipment

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    Request a Quote

    Answer a few simple questions about your high-end audio equipment to get started. We’ll email you an offer in a day or two. Request a quote now!

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    Close the Deal

    Once we reach an agreement, we'll arrange a time to pick up your equipment or, if outside our NYC Tri-State service area, we’ll work with you to get it to us safely and easily (and cover those costs too).

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    Get It To Us & Get Paid

    If you’re in our service area, we’ll come to you - otherwise we’ll help you ship it to us safely. When we arrive, we’ll pack the equipment and pay you on the spot. Shipping it? Not only will we pay for the shipping, we’ll make sure you know the ins and outs of safely shipping sensitive gear.

    We will pick up your audio equipment in the Greater New York City area and in Denver, Colorado. Not near there? We’ll help you ship - logistics are our specialty. StereoBuyers is based in Brooklyn, New York, and specializes in buying the best high-end audio equipment - equipment such as amplifiers, speakers, preamps, turntables, and rare audiophile esoterica. We also have an office serving the Denver, Colorado area.

    StereoBuyers makes it easy to find a new home for your equipment - whether you’re a business or an individual. Let us make you an offer and, if you like it, we’ll pay you and take care of the rest.

    Free Pick-up Service

    Are you in our NYC Tri-State service area near or in Colorado? We can come to you to carefully pick up your equipment and pay you on the spot.

    Free Shipment to StereoBuyers

    If you’re outside our service area, we can help you ship it to us. We can discuss how to pack it safely or we can coordinate with one of our couriers who can pick it up from you - and we’ll cover the shipping fees.

    Fast Payment

    Our decades of experience buying high-end audio equipment ensures that you get the most professional service and top dollar for your components.

    The best part? You get paid quickly - we’ll pay you when we pick it up, or, if shipping, once it arrives.