We get a lot of great questions from our customers and want to share some of our favorite answers! Ask us your question here!

  • Can I exchange my stereo for a different stereo?

    Yes, we can buy, sell or trade towards new or used stereo equipment.

  • Does StereoBuyers pawn stereo equipment?

    No Stereobuyers is not a pawn shop. We pay for your stereo when we pick it up.

  • Is there a market for old stereo equipment?

    There sure is! Obviously, some HiFi has little to no value but much of it is worth a decent amount. Contact Stereobuyers for a quote to see what your stereo is worth.

  • Will you pickup and disconnect my stereo from my home?

    Yes we sure will. If you are in one of our service areas. If you are outside our service area we can send you pre-paid shipping labels and you can ship to our Stereobuyers headquarters.

  • Are old speakers worth anything?

    Often times old speakers do have value. Sometimes they can be very valuable. Contact Stereobuyers for an appraisal.

  • Where can I sell high end electronics?

    If you have high end home electronics Stereobuyers is the service for you. We make selling your home HiFi easy.

  • How do I sell used stereos online?

    Contact Stereobuyers for an estimate. We make it quick and easy.

  • Can I get cash for my stereo?

    Yes, when Stereobuyers pickups your equipment within our service area we can pay you in cash.

  • How much is my old stereo worth?

    Head over to the Stereobuyers quote form and we will give you an idea.

  • Who buys used audio equipment near me?


  • Are there vintage electronics stereo equipment buyers near me?

    Yes! Whether you're within our pick up area or not Stereobuyers will be able to help you.

  • What is worth more solid state stereos or vacuum tube stereos.

    Often times vacuum tube based equipment is worth more.

  • Is eBay Craigslist Audiogon, or Reverb a good place to sell my audiophile stereo system.

    These are wonderful marketplaces but selling online doesn't come without hassle. If you would like to avoid the hassle a service such as Stereobuyers may be your best option.

  • Can Stereobuyers be trusted?

    Of course! We have been doing this longer than anyone else in the business over 20 years. Check out our Yelp and Google Business Reviews. We've also been featured in prominant media outlets.