In addition to serving individuals looking to sell their pre-owned audio and video equipment, we also collaborate with businesses in a variety of ways. Below is just a sampling of our services – contact us to discuss how we can work together.

A/V Companies and High-End Stereo Equipment Resellers

There are multiple opportunities for StereoBuyers to help your Audio/Video business grow and operate smoothly. Some examples:

  • Client Trade-Ins:

    Looking for a powerful sales and negotiating tool? Let StereoBuyers make you an offer on stereo equipment that your client wants to trade in. You are welcome to extend the offer to your client as-is, or adjust the offer to account for your margins. Either way, StereoBuyers can remain anonymous to the client throughout.

  • Direct Referrals:

    Are you selling audio and home theater gear and don't want to deal with trade-ins at all? Refer your clients with trade-in equipment directly to us and eliminate the hassle completely.
  • Audiophile Trade-in Events:

    StereoBuyers can help you stimulate new business. Together we can leverage your client list to promote and host a “trade-in, trade-up” event. We have helped generate tremendous sales with these events in the past.

  • Cleaning House:

    Let StereoBuyers turn your old inventory and leftovers into cash! We can help you clear the clutter out of your showroom or warehouse by buying your trade-ins, outdated stock, AV parts and accessories, audio and video cables, service and instruction manuals, and other miscellaneous items.

Estate Managers

StereoBuyers offers estate managers valuation and appraisal services for home stereos, audio and video components, home automation equipment, music/LPs/records, vacuum tubes and various electronics. Additionally, we buy equipment outright.

Insurance Companies, Underwriters and Brokers

StereoBuyers can assist you in evaluating and appraising the condition and value of your clients’ equipment.

Divorce & Bankruptcy Attorneys & Liquidators

Let us help you and your clients evaluate audio and theater equipment value. StereoBuyers can also turn pre-owned high-end audio, video and stereo equipment into cash for your clients.

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