Conrad-Johnson PV-7 - High End Stereo Equipment We Buy

Conrad Johnson is one of the most dependable brand names when it comes to high-end audio systems. For years the brand has been recognized by audiophiles throughout the world as equipment that delivers clear and consistent quality in music.

What are the specs for the Conrad-Johnson PV-7?

Phono Stage 40 dB (phono overload 500mV at 1kHz), Line Stage 20 dB
Less than 0.1% THD or IMD
bandpass 2Hz to more than 100 kHz
RIAA Equalization:
+/- 0.25 dB (20 to 20,000 Hz)
Signal to Noise Ratio:
… Phono Stage 72 dB below 10 mv input … Line Stage 84 dB below 2.5 volt output
Phase Response:
… Phono Stage phase correct … Line Stage phase inverting
… 14.5” Width … 10.0” Depth … 3.0” Height

What else to know about the Conrad-Johnson PV-7?

The PV7 was designed to provide audiophiles with a moderately priced preamplifier of high quality which would accurately reproduce the dynamics, tonalities and textures of a live musical performance. The design and materials have been carefully selected to yield many years of unvarying excellence. The phono stage of the PV7 consists of two cascaded triode amplifiers direct coupled to a cathode follower for low output impedance. Phono equalization is accomplished by R-C networks in a direct coupled feedback loop driven by the cathode follower. The RIAA components are 1% tolerance, with RIAA capacitors being polystyrene dielectric. The audio circuitry is executed entirely with precision, low noise metal film resistors. All coupling capacitors are polypropylene dielectric. The line stage consists of a single voltage amplifier direct coupled to a cathode follower with an overall feedback loop. Plate voltage is supplied by a sophisticated, low impedance voltage regulator. The regulator's output supplies the audio circuitry directly to minimize power supply source impedance. The regulator is designed using solely polypropylene capacitors, isolating the audio circuitry from the non-linear effects of electrolytic capacitors. Filaments are operated on a regulated d.c. voltage to minimize noise at the low signal levels in a preamplifier and to prevent line voltage fluctuations from coupling infrasonic disturbances to the audio signal. Inputs: **Phono** - The phono inputs provide the additional amplification and RIAA equalization required by most high fidelity cartridges. The input impedance is 47,000 ohms shunted by approximately 140 picofarads capacitance. This is the industry standard load and will work well with most moving magnet cartridges and all prepreamplifiers for moving coil cartridges. A few moving magnet cartridges perform better with a 10,000 ohm load which may be achieved by having a service technician shunt the phono inputs with 12,000 ohm resistors. For some moving magnet cartridges, optimum performance requires higher capacitive loads. This may be achieved by soldering suitable value capacitors across the phono input jacks. Polystyrene capacitors are recommended for this purpose. **Tuner, Auxiliary, Tape 1 Tape 2** - These are all high level inputs and are electronically equivalent. The outputs of your tape recorders should be connected to Tape 1 and Tape 2. Outputs: **Record 1, Record 2** - Connect these to the inputs of your tape recorders. **Output 1 Output 2** - Connect to the inputs of amplifiers with impedance of l0k-ohms or greater.

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