Marantz is a brand that most audiophiles are very familiar with. They are considered by many to be the FIRST audiophile brand. Now headquartered in Japan, Marantz has stood the test of time since Saul Marantz sold his first audio product in New York in the 1950’s.

Brief History of Marantz

As linked-above, the official Marantz website explains in detail the history behind Marantz. One thing the brand has in common with many other luxury/high-end products is passion: “he (Saul Marantz) was never satisfied with the “hi fi” equipment of his day. So he built better; first in his basement, later in a factory.” The site and Wikipedia provide a timeline that brings Marantz to the modern-day ownership by Sound United LLC. The brand was owned then partially-owned by Phillips Electronics for some time until they left the partnership in 2008.

In the 1970’s, also according to Wikipedia, the Marantz 2600 was the brand’s most powerful stereo receiver ever made at 300 watts per channel during the so-called “monster receiver” era. In 1983, Marantz Enhanced Digital Stereo delivered the brands first audio enhancement technology, which has evolved over the days and is an integral part of many current and vintage Marantz products.

Marantz Products We Often Buy

Typically, StereoBuyers purchases used Marantz tube preamplifiers, tube amplifiers, tuners, and receivers, especially the vintage Model 7, 8B, 10B, and the Audio Consolette. See examples below!

StereoBuyers has been buying used high end equipment like Marantz for some time. Way back in 2014 we bought over 20 Marantz products from sellers, paying out over $15,000 in the process. We have certainly grown since. If you want to upgrade or for some other reason get rid of your old Marantz equipment, contact us before potentially losing money on a valuable piece of stereo equipment!

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