We Pay Cash for Used Mark Levinson Stereo Gear in NYC and Colorado

Since 1972, Mark Levinson has manufactured high quality stereo components enjoyed by audiophiles throughout the world. With just two Audio Sources being produced and sold in 2018, the brand is soundly focused on pre-amplifiers, amplifiers and integrated amps to carry its brand. The products maintain excellent value over the years, due to the high level of technical craftsmanship. As music lovers upgrade or move on to other systems, we buy Mark Levison components and find new homes for them.

Mark Levinson’s Beginnings

According to the official Mark Levinson website, Mark Levinson created the sound mixer for the famous Woodstock music festival, which helped propel his reputation. In 1972 he created “Mark Levinson Audio Systems Ltd.” in Woodbridge Connecticut, and began manufacturing high-end amplifiers. The LNP-2 Preamplifier propelled the brand to audiophile stardom, and products since have carried the flag.

Mark Levinson Components We Typically Buy

StereoBuyers regularly purchases used Mark Levinson amps and preamps, including LNP, JC and ML Preamps, ML Amplifiers and 300, 400, and 500 series components. Chnaces are if the gear is in good condition, we will make an offer.

StereoBuyers has paid cash to New York City and Colorado area residents for pre-owned Mark Levinson components since we were founded. Fill out a Free Quote Forms and we will get back to you. If we agree on terms, we come to meet you where you want, and pay cash.

StereoBuyers has purchased some of the following Mark Levinson Components.