Rogue Audio is one of the most dependable brand names when it comes to high-end audio systems. For years the brand has been recognized by audiophiles throughout the world as equipment that delivers clear and consistent quality in music.

What are the specs for the Stereo 90?

Output Power:
90 Watts/channel minimum
Input Impedance:
200 kOm
Frequency Response:
5Hz - 50KHz ± 1dB
<0.1% nominal, <1.0% at full power
Input Sensitivity:
1.0V RMS
46 cm x 18 cm x 40 cm
27 kg
Tube Complement:
(2) 12AX7 and (2) 6SN7

What else to know about the Stereo 90?

The front panel of the Stereo 90 power amplifier looks exactly like that from the monoblocs M-150. It is a thick aluminum slab with a round opening in the middle where the power switch and a blue power led were placed. The back panel is fairy simple – we find there single loudspeaker terminals for each channel, gold plated and accepting all kinds of cables, but rather small and placed close to each other, what can impair the mounting of thick audiophile cabling. Near one of the sides a stereo RCA input socket is placed, looking a bit worse than those in the preamplifier. We find there also an IEC power socket and a mode switch (broken in the tested unit).\ The amplifier setup is typical – near the back plate we have three classic transformers, with the windings shielded by metal screens, the power one in the middle, and the output ones to the sides. From the output transformers cables reach to the loudspeaker terminals. Those cables are equipped with loops and labeled as 4 and 8 Ohm. This is a part of adjusting the output for the used speakers – you have to unscrew the nut from the loudspeaker terminal with a spanner and place the required impedance cable loop and tighten the nut. The loose cable must be isolated with a PVC cap. By default the amplifier is set for 8 Ohm.\ The whole circuitry of the amplifier is built on one big PCB, covered on top by a metal shield, with holes for the tubes and BIAS meter for the output tubes (which can be adjusted easily as the manual has clear instructions and a required screwdriver is supplied). The amplifier is based on two pairs of KT88 tubes coming from Electroharmonix. The input part is handled by a set of 12AX7 and 6SN7 per channel. Under the shield you can find M-Cap capacitors and other fine passive elements. The only complaint we can have is to the lengthy and thin cable the signal is coming from the input sockets to the front part of the main PCB.

Brief History of Rogue Audio

Rogue Audio amplifier designs combine the finest in tube circuit topology with meticulously engineered circuit layout to achieve superior performance. Unflagging attention to the integrity of the audio signal path and power supplies results in truly superior designs. The most discriminating audiophile will delight in the impeccable fidelity of recordings reproduced through the amplifiers.

The matchless quality of Rogue amplifiers is obvious at first glance. However, Rogue’s quality is not just skin deep. Ultra-high tolerance components, two-ounce copper circuit boards, and silver plated switches are just a few of the many features which separate Rogue products from the competition. The amplifiers have also been designed to be extremely reliable. Electronic components are rated far beyond their intended use, and only the highest quality components are incorporated into the designs. The rugged chassis are treated to resist scratching and corrosion and the machined aluminum faceplates are anodized to protect their appearance.

Other Rogue Audio Products We Often Buy

Typically, StereoBuyers purchases mostly used amplifiers, especially the vintage amps and high-end Rogue Audio models.

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