Accuphase is one of the most dependable brand names when it comes to high-end audio systems. For years the brand has been recognized by audiophiles throughout the world as equipment that delivers clear and consistent quality in music.

What else to know about the P-300?

It is a mistake to calculate the value of a power amplifier solely in terms of $/power or cost/power. Other more important factors should also be considered to asses its overall value such as those power qualities like low distortion, well-regulated power supply and power bandwidth, as well as additional functions and appearance values. Music delivered through a good power amplifier should have an extra quality of deep, rich bass and the subtle nuances of inner musical fabric which stir and warm the soul with emotion. A good power amplifier must also have the range to reproduce precisely the softest to the loudest passages of music and, at the same time, it must hbe able to handle shoutout distorting, all the margin input amplitudes that may be involved. The P-300 can coast through all of these requirements without strain due to its large, heavy-duty power transformer.

Brief History of Accuphase

Kensonic Laboratory, Inc. had originally been releasing its products under the brand name Accuphase, but on the occasion of its 10th anniversary the company was renamed to Accuphase Laboratory, Inc., thereby unifying the brand and company name. The word Accuphase was adapted by taking the prefix ACCU from the word "accurate" and combining it with PHASE which is an important factor that relates to the innermost essence of audio technology. The unusual and somewhat difficult to pronounce name was a complete unknown in the beginning, and the company was often thought to be foreign rather than Japanese. In June 1973, one year after its formation, Accuphase moved to newly built premises in the Aoba district of Yokohama where the company is still located today. In August of the same year, the long awaited first models went into production: the separate power amplifier/preamplifier combo P-300 and C-200, soon followed by the AM/FM tuner T-100. Ever since its beginnings, Accuphase has been focused on the true high end, aiming to create outstanding products and become one of the leading brands in the world of audio. This aim was achieved through the dedicated and unwavering pursuit of quality. Our sincere attitude and serious stance are reflected in products that maintain full traceability also after they enter the market, and that are designed to deliver beautiful sound and top performance over the course of many years of ownership. Utilizing only top-quality parts and innovative circuit design, and built with uncompromising attention to craftsmanship, these products delivered amazing performance and optimal sound, but their price tag was quite out of the ordinary as well...

Other Accuphase Products We Often Buy

Typically, StereoBuyers purchases mostly used amplifiers, especially the vintage amps and high-end Accuphase models.

StereoBuyers has purchased tens of thousands worth Accuphase brand equipment since 2014, with individual buys ranging from $100 to well over $50,000. If you are moving, ready to upgrade, or have Accuphase equipment you do not or will not be using, why not contact us today to find out if it is worth good money?

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The following images show actual Accuphase equipment purchased by StereoBuyers.