VPI Turntables is one of the most dependable brand names when it comes to high-end audio systems. For years the brand has been recognized by audiophiles throughout the world as equipment that delivers clear and consistent quality in music.

What are the specs for the Aries 3D?

Wow and flutter::
Speed Accuracy::
>75db down
Overall Dimensions:
22" X 16"
Packing Weight:

What else to know about the Aries 3D?

2014 Limited edition reissue of the classic Aries design with a 3D printed 12" tone arm. Copy from Upscale Audio's Press rollout: Upscale Audio purchased every Aries Limited Edition VPI could make. Due to our special buy, this $8000 package is available for a fraction of the price. This Limited Edition is truly limited (to 30 units). \ The VPI Prime is a fabulous table and is getting even better with the release of the new Prime Signature which retails for $5999. During Kevin’s many phone calls with VPI President Mat Weisfeld, we found out that VPI was still doing customs builds of the Aries, a $9000 turntable legend that not only performs but is beautiful with its sandwiched plinth of aluminum and acrylic. While the Prime Signature looks similar to the Aries, it costs less to manufacture and is simpler in its design. Now Upscale Audio has a special deal on the Aries Limited Edition. For a lower price than the Prime Signature you get: Upgraded plinth made of sandwiched aluminum and acrylic, a 10.5” 3D tonearm with VTA on the fly and FABULOUS Discovery tonearm wiring, 300 RPM motor in an upgraded housing, record weight, and the VPI Periphery Ring, a $1000 option that lays the edges of your records flat and gives you bass response that is incredible. **VPI Aries 3D Turntable** I had owned and loved for the past seven years a VPI Scoutmaster turntable. What's not to like? Never a technical problem in that time, and a great music-maker! But in continuing my theme of 'upscaling' within certain designer's lineups, I looked at what the Weisfeld family is up to right now with their turntable creations. And as anyone familiar with VPI gear knows, that's a lot. I had admired what I've seen and read about VPI's highly regarded Classic models; they are handsome and functional as all get-out. Initially I considered loading up one of those tables with all of Harry Weisfeld's options—like souping up a Mustang. And I opened my big mouth and expressed this idea to Mike Sastra at Audio Classics Ltd in Binghamton. Mike knows when he's got a trout on the line—and he set that hook by pointing out that he had a brand new "hot rodded" VPI Aries 3D turntable sitting in their shop- why not look at that? This particular turntable was initially meant to go to EveAnna Manley for CES 2014, but wasn't ready in time. So now it has come to me! Quoting from VPI's own description of their new Aries 3D package: "Being a staple in the VPI product line, it is time for a facelift for the VPI Aries Turntable! Customers have requested an option for a 12-inch 3D printed arm but with a reasonable footprint. The Aries 3D includes a Classic Aluminum platter, Periphery Ring Clamp, HR-X Center Weight, HR-X Mini Feet, and Classic 3D Extended (12 inch) tonearm." That's a lot of great stuff, which applies a full range of Harry Weisfeld's creative developments past and present. Squeezing as much juice as possible out of all the technical design parameters at play, in order to re-create music from spinning platters of vinyl! I spoke briefly with VPI's Mat Weisfeld about the Aries 3D, and Mat mentioned that initially VPI was intending this model for the foreign market, with maximum flexibility in terms of what elements and options would be included. So for those who know and respect VPI, a 'package' can be assembled that delivers exactly what particular customers are looking for. As of this writing, the cutting-edge technical development that VPI is introducing now throughout much of their lineup, either as one element in a package or as a separate stand-alone option, are their '3D printed' tonearms. Made out of epoxy resin, they are produced, or 'printed', by high-tech machines that laser-carve one-piece finished products from computer-input designs. I suppose everything we can hold in our hands will eventually be made this way. Maybe entire cars? Coffins? Who knows? Right now it's an expensive manufacturing process, and if you buy one of these tonearms from VPI as a stand-alone upgrade they carry a hefty price tag. But that would be like going down to the auto parts store and trying to assemble an entire car from parts- it doesn't work best that way. As one element in all that is offered with the Aries 3D package, it makes a lot of sense. Get your Aries Limited Edition now because when they are gone, they are gone. And don’t forget about our VPI Superpack, which is a package price for your turntable and optional dustcover. Table dimensions: 22″ x 16″ x 8″ (WxDxH)

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