VPI Turntables is one of the most dependable brand names when it comes to high-end audio systems. For years the brand has been recognized by audiophiles throughout the world as equipment that delivers clear and consistent quality in music.

What are the specs for the SDS - Synchronous Drive System & Power Line Upgrade?

Line Voltage:
115VAC @ 60Hz (Factory set - 240 switchable)
Line Fuse:
1 Amp (Slo-Blo)
Output voltage:
115VAC (Factory Set)
Start Voltage:
120 VAC
Run Voltage:
Output Frequency:
60Hz (Factory Set)
Output Frequency Range:
60Hz @33 RPM & 81Hz@ 45 RPM
Control Range:
+/- 3Hz
Output Power:
16" x 3" x 12"
10 lbs

What else to know about the SDS - Synchronous Drive System & Power Line Upgrade?

User friendly design, the SDS combines a turntable motor controller and line isolator into one 16" X 3" X 12" package. The SDS breaks new ground in clean accurate power delivery using advanced computer digital technology and quartz crystal accuracy.\ \ The ability to adjust voltage and frequency being fed into a turntable motor was considered paramount in the design of the SDS. Both functions are adjustable from the front panel and results are shown in large, easy to read L.E.D. displays. All switching of speeds and voltages are done in a ramping fashion. There is no shock applied to the motor as the voltage or frequency is changed when moving between 33 and 45 rpm.\ \ The circuit used in the SDS provides an incredibly accurate line frequency of great stability. Additionally, the electronic circuitry effectively isolates the output voltage from the input voltage, doing away with voltage spikes, low level fluctuations, RFI, and frequency variations.\ \ Instead of merely filtering the power line, the SDS first changes it into pure DC voltage and then digitally regenerates its own clean signal. This approach is superior to that used in many of the other power line conditioners on the market.\ \ The SDS works best with synchronous motor driven tumtables, such as those from VPI. The speed of a synchronous motor is determined by the frequency it is fed. It is only logical then, that a device whose speed is based on the line frequency will always function better when a stable frequency is delivered. A constant motor speed translates into a quieter, more faithful musical presentation.\ \ Many historical recordings were not transferred onto modern records at the proper speed. Using the SDS, you can now correct the musical pitch of these recordings by varying the speed of your turntable. In addition, collectors who have VPI tumtables that run at 78 RPM will be able to accurately adjust them to compensate for the wide variation in recording speed used in the 78 RPM era.\ \ The SDS is the perfect match for most VPI turntables! The SDS will NOT work with the Newer Versions of the VPI Classic 1, Classic 2 & Traveler Turntables with a 100-240V Switch-Mode Power Supply and Male Plug with 2-Prongs.\ \ So, how do you know if your Classic or Traveler is a newer version? New Classic & Traveler Turntables have a male plug with 2 prongs, female plug that goes into the back of the table and a 'Switch-Mode' Power Supply Box in the middle of the power cord Original Classic & Traveler Turntables have a male plug with 3 prongs and the female plug goes directly into the motor.

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