McIntosh MC 250 – High End Stereo Equipment We Buy

McIntosh is one of the most dependable brand names when it comes to high-end audio systems. For years the brand has been recognized by audiophiles throughout the world as equipment that delivers clear and consistent quality in music. McIntosh is probably best known for its amplifiers and preamps, but the company produces many other components and parts for stereo and home theatre.

What are the specs for the McIntosh MC 250?

Years Manufactured:
Power output:
50 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo), 100 watts into 8Ω (mono)
Frequency response:
20Hz to 20kHz
Total harmonic distortion:
Damping factor:
Input sensitivity:
Signal to noise ratio:
Speaker load impedance:
4Ω to 16Ω
24 x silicon transistors, 18 x diodes
7 x 10.5 x 15.6 inches
36 lbs

What else to know about the McIntosh MC 250?

"This classsic power amp, built on a chassis similar to the McIntosh MC240 tube amp is a first generation McIntosh SS amp. Without the faceplate, meters and bluelights well known as the MccIntosh trademark, this amp is a unigue work of art (w/ its big brother the MC2100). The model did come with the glass faceplate and meters as the MC2505. I have owned mine for about 15 years and originally purchased it to go with my KLH9 electrostatic speakers. These speakers are highly capacitive and impedance spikes well beyond 30ohms and are nominally rated at 16ohms. They have a reputation of frying ss amps. The 250 with the autoformers handles the complex loads presented by these speakers. The 250 has a warm sound, reminiscent of better tube equipment of that generation. Its bass is tighter, does not have the characteristic blum and does have good resolution. The dampening factor of the amp is low and this should be considered when matching it to speakers needing high dampening factor for woofer control. The midrange is beautiful. On voices, stringed instruments, and piano is envelopes you and brings you into the music. The high end is well balanced with authority and very good resolution. The amp would not be considered neutral when compared with the current design offerings. It is an emotionally involving amp rather than one that gives an open window to the music. This does not mean that it is colored, only that it has authority; sort of like a chestiness vs. a flat chest sound. I am currently using it with a set of Klipsch Heresy speakers and it seems to be made to meld with the sonic charactoristics of this speaker. The unit is typically McIntosh reliable (maybe more so) and is minimalistic in its design approach. Though it has been recently been displaced by a McIntosh MC2105 as my main amp, I am in the process of setting up a second system in which it will be mated with my longtime owned McIntosh MX110." - AudioAsylum

Brief History of McIntosh

Long mapped-to Binghamton New York – the current headquarters and manufacturing center for McIntosh Labs – not many people know the brand was originally launched outside of the Nation’s Capital in Silver Spring Maryland, in 1949. In 1956, the brand built their original facility in New York, according to the official brand website.

Other McIntosh Products We Often Buy

Typically, StereoBuyers purchases mostly used amplifiers, especially the vintage amps and high-end McIntosh models such as the MC202 or MC252, and the C220 preamp, for example. We have also purchased many pre-owned tuners from McIntosh over the recent years, including the MR67 and MR78 models, for example.

StereoBuyers has purchased tens of thousands worth McIntosh brand equipment since 2014, with individual buys ranging from $100 to well over $50,000. If you are moving, ready to upgrade, or have McIntosh equipment you do not or will not be using, why not contact us today to find out if it is worth good money?

If you are interested in selling your used McIntosh equipment to us in the greater NYC area or Colorado, please click here to fill out a Free Quote Form and we will get back to you. If we agree on terms, we come to meet you where you want, and pay cash.

The following images show actual McIntosh equipment purchased by StereoBuyers.