McIntosh MC 7300 – High End Stereo Equipment We Buy

McIntosh is one of the most dependable brand names when it comes to high-end audio systems. For years the brand has been recognized by audiophiles throughout the world as equipment that delivers clear and consistent quality in music. McIntosh is probably best known for its amplifiers and preamps, but the company produces many other components and parts for stereo and home theatre.

What are the specs for the McIntosh MC 7300?

Years Manufactured:
Power Output:
300w/ch. (600w mono).
Frequency Response:
20-20kHz (+0 -0.25dB). Distortion 0.005%. Noise and hum -105dBA.
Output impedance:
2, 4 and 8 ohms. (1, 2, 4, 8 and 16 ohms in mono).
Damping factor:
40 or greater.
Input impedance:
20k unbalanced, 40k balanced.
Input sensitivity:
1.4v or 2.5v. Sentry Monitor. Power Guard.
7-1/8"H, [Front panel width was 16-3/16" in early units and 17-1/2" in later units]. 15-9/16"D.
79 lb.

What else to know about the McIntosh MC 7300?

"The classic appearance of a Mclntosh amplifier complements any home decorative scheme. Each component is selected for durability, as well as aesthetics. Consider the construction and materials used in the front panel and knobs. Reverse silk-screened with thermal setting epoxy screen inks, the glass panels are meticulously hand inspected and are free from bubbles, flow marks and other faults. Anodizing, an electro-chemical process that leaves a color dyed and hardened surface impervious to attack from common household cleaning fluids, oils and acids from the skin, is used on the panel frame and aluminum knobs to maximize their resistance to wear. This handsome combination of glass, anodized aluminum, and thermal setting epoxy inks requires very little maintenance to keep the MC7300 look- ing brand new. Its subtle yet sophisticated styling will remain in good taste throughout the years. Mclntosh Quality Begins With Careful Design For Cool Operation An amplifier's life can be cut short without the pro- per ventilation for cool operation. In fact, as little as one degree centigrade rise in temperature can reduce the life of an amplifier by 10%. Mclntosh has designed its amplifiers to maximize trouble- free cool operation. Output stages are mounted on super-sized heat sinks that have maximum surface areas of cooling capability. The sinks are placed in an air tunnel chassis that occupies the amplifier space from top to bottom. Cooling air, which flows through the air tunnel, dissipates life-limiting heat. This heat dissipation capability is coupled with a chassis construction that encourages ventilation. A Mcln- tosh designed and manufactured autotransformer matches the transistor output circuit to the loudspeakers. The Mclntosh output circuit uses 20 metal cased bipolar epitaxial power transistors and 4 metal cas- ed driver transistors. The output transistors feature high fT (gain - frequency product) and large SOA (safe operating area). The power transistor characteristics, the power supply voltage used, and the output autoformer ratio have been matched for high efficiency, maximum power output with low distortion, and reliable long life operation. Versatile Mclntosh Power Amplifiers Deliver Full Power — Always The Mclntosh output circuit, superior in its perfor- mance, demands a superior method of coupling the amplifier output to the loudspeaker load. A Mclntosh designed and manufactured autotransformer ensures peak performance and protection, as well as outstanding compatibility between amplifier and speaker. The Mclntosh autotransformer offers these benefits: • Transistors, used in amplifier output circuits, are designed to work into an optimum low im- pedance load. V ariations in frequency, or the use of multiple speakers (which modify the im- pedance as seen by the output of the amplifier), often compromise an amplifier's performance. The Mclntosh autotransformer prevents these variables from causing restricted performance, output transistor heating, and/or circuit failure. • In the event of an output circuit failure, the Mclntosh autotransformer conducts the speaker- damaging DC (direct current) directly to ground, thus protecting expensive loudspeakers from potential damage. • The Mclntosh autotransformer contributes a flexibility in loudspeaker connecting capability not otherwise possible. Here's how: Ordinary amplifier output circuits are usually restricted to operating in 4 or 8 ohms. In stereo, the Mclntosh autotransformer perfectly matches the output circuit to 2. 4, or 8 ohms. In mono the MC7300 autotransformers provide matching into 1, 2, 4, 8 or 16 ohms. In addition, the autotransformer can provide either a 25 volt or a 70.7 volt output that can feed multiple loudspeakers for background music applications." - McIntosh

Brief History of McIntosh

Long mapped-to Binghamton New York – the current headquarters and manufacturing center for McIntosh Labs – not many people know the brand was originally launched outside of the Nation’s Capital in Silver Spring Maryland, in 1949. In 1956, the brand built their original facility in New York, according to the official brand website.

Other McIntosh Products We Often Buy

Typically, StereoBuyers purchases mostly used amplifiers, especially the vintage amps and high-end McIntosh models such as the MC202 or MC252, and the C220 preamp, for example. We have also purchased many pre-owned tuners from McIntosh over the recent years, including the MR67 and MR78 models, for example.

StereoBuyers has purchased tens of thousands worth McIntosh brand equipment since 2014, with individual buys ranging from $100 to well over $50,000. If you are moving, ready to upgrade, or have McIntosh equipment you do not or will not be using, why not contact us today to find out if it is worth good money?

If you are interested in selling your used McIntosh equipment to us in the greater NYC area or Colorado, please click here to fill out a Free Quote Form and we will get back to you. If we agree on terms, we come to meet you where you want, and pay cash.

The following images show actual McIntosh equipment purchased by StereoBuyers.