McIntosh MC 501 – High End Stereo Equipment We Buy

McIntosh is one of the most dependable brand names when it comes to high-end audio systems. For years the brand has been recognized by audiophiles throughout the world as equipment that delivers clear and consistent quality in music. McIntosh is probably best known for its amplifiers and preamps, but the company produces many other components and parts for stereo and home theatre.

What are the specs for the McIntosh MC 501?

Power output:
500 watts into 8Ω (mono)
Frequency response:
10Hz to 100kHz
Total harmonic distortion:
Damping factor:
Input sensitivity:
Signal to noise ratio:
Speaker load impedance:
2Ω to 8Ω
17.5 x 9.4 x 14.8 inches
92 lbs

What else to know about the McIntosh MC 501?

"From In McIntosh Laboratory's 60-plus years of history they have built a reputation of being a luxury audiophile brand. The MC-501 is one of the products that stands out within the line as epitomizing what the brand stands for. As I removed the amplifiers from their carefully designed boxes, I could tell that the build quality was excellent. Once I had the amplifiers completely out of the packaging I could see that the finish quality of the classic aesthetic with modern touches was clearly of the luxury persuasion. The beauty continued when I had the amplifiers installed in my system, both visually and aurally. The McIntosh system made for an impressive visual with their black glass panels, blue meters and green backlighting, which may set the mood for listening. Their performance was simply impressive without any signs of effort. The MC-501s' provide an appropriately sized soundstage filled with palpable images. The amplifier never broke a sweat and I found myself going through several extended listening sessions with absolutely no listening fatigue. The McIntosh amplifiers were slightly to the warm side of neutral, adding warmth to revealing speakers such as my MartinLogans and Acoustic Zen's. The warmth of the MC-501s fleshes out these detailed speakers, the mids were full bodied and the highs were on the sweet side without any brittle harshness. Perhaps, the easiest way to characterize this sonic character is ""tubes-like."" Although this solid state powerhouse has more control, especially in the lower octaves, than tubes tend to provide, the level of detail and control provided by the MC-501 reproduced textural and positional details in a manner that brings you to the music. When listening to the MC-501s I found myself listening to the music and not my system. The MC-501s do an amazing job of recreating live performances with their organic, relaxed presentation. Their slightly warm character and not wringing out the last bit of absolute detail may deter some listeners seeking to reproduce the recording. However, in my opinion, the McIntosh MC-501s' do something even better, they reproduce the true emotion of a live performance." -

Brief History of McIntosh

Long mapped-to Binghamton New York – the current headquarters and manufacturing center for McIntosh Labs – not many people know the brand was originally launched outside of the Nation’s Capital in Silver Spring Maryland, in 1949. In 1956, the brand built their original facility in New York, according to the official brand website.

Other McIntosh Products We Often Buy

Typically, StereoBuyers purchases mostly used amplifiers, especially the vintage amps and high-end McIntosh models such as the MC202 or MC252, and the C220 preamp, for example. We have also purchased many pre-owned tuners from McIntosh over the recent years, including the MR67 and MR78 models, for example.

StereoBuyers has purchased tens of thousands worth McIntosh brand equipment since 2014, with individual buys ranging from $100 to well over $50,000. If you are moving, ready to upgrade, or have McIntosh equipment you do not or will not be using, why not contact us today to find out if it is worth good money?

If you are interested in selling your used McIntosh equipment to us in the greater NYC area or Colorado, please click here to fill out a Free Quote Form and we will get back to you. If we agree on terms, we come to meet you where you want, and pay cash.

The following images show actual McIntosh equipment purchased by StereoBuyers.